Our Mission

A $600 billion problem

Why do we do what we do.

Our Mission of inclusion is to make healthcare information understandable to everyone regardless of their language, vision or ability to read. And to empower patients and their caregivers to understand and better manage their conditions.
In the United States today, 130 million people struggle to understand basic written instructions and 1 in 5 of us go home to a family that speaks a language other than English. 

We know that when you take care of one patient you are taking care of the whole world because we are extensions of each other emotionally and economically. We will make the best product for everyone including the percentage of the population that is normally ignored and left behind.


81% of patients age 60 and older at a public hospital could not read or understand basic material. – Williams


Chronic Disease Patients

People with limited health literacy skills are more likely to have chronic conditions and are less able to manage them effectively. – Institute of Medicine


1 in 5 patients go home to a family that speaks a language other than English. – US Census Bureau

Our Values

Honor, Duty, Loyalty, Courage, Benevolence, Respect, Righteousness, Self-control, and Inclusiveness.

Our Team

Susan Perry

Chief Executive Officer

Susan Perry brings over 25 years of experience in product development, disruptive technology, manufacturing, branding and distribution, as the former President of International Business Equipment. During her 20 year tenure, Susan worked extensively in the West Indies, with Banks and Credit Unions, manufacturing hardware and other specialty goods in the Mid-West and China.

Olivia Gomez

Director of Operations

More than fifteen years of experience in customer care, project and office management. She also has extensive experience as a paralegal and worked for seven years in a prestigious law firm position.

Padmanabh Girgaonkar

Chief Technical Officer

An IT graduate of University of Pune, Padmanabh has worked for, and founded, several companies, which have built enterprise level platforms. As both a senior level engineer and IT manager, he has experience in developing and managing everything from small offshore software projects, to building financial applications for Wells Fargo. In his spare time, he enjoys endurance cycling and considers himself to be an ‘avid fitness freak’.

David Scher, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Digital health technology consultant advising tech developers, healthcare enterprises, life science companies and other healthcare stakeholders from user and patient advocacy perspectives. Experiences as cardiologist, clinical investigator, IRB Chair, Medicare Advisory Committee member offer clients a unique perspective.

Arthur Jey, MD


Born in the UK but received his medical training in the United States. Dr. Jey is currently an Emergency Medicine physician in Sacramento. After he attended Medical School at Boston University, he received his specialty training at the University of Rochester.  Although his primary focus is medical education and mentorship Dr. Jey continues multiple research projects. With a basis in rational drug design and graduate work on the limbic system Dr. Jey now focuses his research on clinical research.  A former Surgical Resident turned Emergency Medicine Dr. Jey is developing an Emergency Medicine Residency program in Sacramento. It is his students, family, friends, and mentors/mentees that inspire him.

I stand on the shoulders of giants – Sir Isaac Newton

Chris Chase, Ph.D.


Dr. Christopher Chase studied and lived in Japan for many years. As the President of the O.I.K.K.A., an international karate association, he has developed martial arts and international studies programs for schools and universities around the world. He travels extensively, conducting karate seminars, lecturing on cultural studies, and consulting businesses focusing on international collaborations and culture.

Janet Chase


Janet Chase has more than 20 years of finance, accounting, and M&A experience. She has been involved in successful M&A transactions for more than 100 companies from start-ups to multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 companies. She has also been a global finance and accounting leader for iconic brands, including Bausch & Lomb and Ray-Ban. Janet has served as a sought-after growth and advisory services executive at renowned firms including Kaufman Rossin and Ernst & Young. Prior to that, she was Finance Director of the South East Asia Region at Bausch & Lomb, where she provided the leadership and vision to restructure the finance operation during a time of growth and pivotal change. She has taught college-level courses in accounting and valuation and has lectured extensively on business valuation and lost earnings concepts to business owners, chief financial officers, bankers, attorneys, and CPAs.

Jessica Shin

Director of Engagement & Growth

Jessica Shin leverages over 20 years in technology integration, policy, risk management and marketing to focus on growing the user base and establishing strategic partnerships. She has extensive leadership, business development, and strategy expertise in IT, emergency management, nuclear energy, and event industries. Her interest in environmental programs led her overseas where she worked on integrating emerging technologies to streamline smart city operations in China and South Korea. Jessica is an MBA graduate of George Washington University and has a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Maryland.

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