SpeechMED Duo Caregiver Application

The SpeechMED Duo Caregiver App is a mobile app that was designed to connect loved ones and professional caregivers, who are servicing one or more patients that are using the SpeechMED Solo Patient App and Portal. This app allows both professional caregivers, as well as family and loved ones, the opportunity to monitor the patient’s appointments, medication compliance, and get notifications if a patient fails to take a medication. Professional caregivers, with more than one patient can use the Caregiver Duo App to keep track of all of their patients.


  • Family members using the Caregiver Companion Application now have a convenient method to keep track of a loved one’s care plan, making the entire care process more transparent and coordinated among all involved.
  • 90 million American adults have basic or below basic literacy skills.
  • Assurance that caregivers, regardless of native language, have the information to follow medical instructions.
  • Appointment & medication reminders sent directly to the patient.
  • Easy and seamless transition of care from one family caregiver to the next.
  • Immediate access to health information, contacts, and other resources associated with the patient, is not only convenient, but can be essential in emergency situations.

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