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Multilingual and Audio Colonoscopy Instructions with

How are patients supposed to follow instructions that they don’t understand?

Patients are overwhelmed by bowel prep instructions prior to colonoscopy screenings, leading to 20-44% having inadequate bowel preparation. This results in cancellations, wasted resources, increased colonoscopy delays, and adverse patient outcomes.

Fortunately, there’s a better approach with SpeechMED+GI.

Powerful features

Multilingual Audio Instructions
Increases confidence and ensures clear communication regardless of patient’s primary language or reading ability

Step-by-Step Notifications
Guides patients step-by-step through the colonoscopy prep process and sends reminders, boosting adherence and reducing confusion

Data-Driven Insights
Allows for data collection and analysis to continually improve patient understanding and preparedness that translates to a more positive experience


Real-time Prep Progress Monitoring
Identifies potential issues before the procedure, minimizing last-minute cancellations and improving efficiency

AI-Driven Cultural Diet Prep
Customizes colonoscopy prep dietary guidelines that align with patient‘s cultural background and personal preferences

Pre-Procedure Clarify
Allows patients to self-report bowel clarity, enhancing readiness and outcomes before the colonoscopy

Colonoscopy Module

Discover the Future of Patient Colonoscopy Preparation with SpeechMED

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Patient Colonoscopy Preparation with SpeechMED

This guide is moving towards a more inclusive, efficient, and effective screening process.