Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who can set up at SpeechMED account?

SpeechMED is available for anyone to set up. We welcome all users.

How do you send information from my portal to SpeechMED Solo app?

When  you open the app on your Android device, click on the blue Sync button located in the top left corner.

How do I change a language on SpeechMED Solo?

When you open the app on your Android device on the bottom row, click the Language button. Once you have selected the language you would like, click the save disk button in the top right corner.

How do I add a medication picture?

The medication pictures are added directly through SpeechMED Solo. Open the app, click on Patient > Medications > click on camera icon next to the particular medication you would like to add. Then you can take a picture or select from your photo gallery.

How do I upload information videos?

Open the patient portal, scroll down to Resources and select video. Click on Add a Video and a pop up box will appear. Name your video and upload a YouTube or video URL and click Save.

How do I set up Emergency Contacts?

When you are setting up your contacts in the patient portal, you have to make sure you click the Emergency Contact tabl on that screen. Your emergency contactst will appear on the right side of your patient dashboard.

How do I add a document?

Open the patient portal, scroll down to documents, click on Add a Document. Then select the type of document, name the file, and upload the document. NOTE: Document must be a PDF.

What version of Android do I need?

Your Android operating system must be 4.4 or above.