Health spoken in your language

SpeechMED’s multilingual audio platform offers health organizations the ability to significantly improve patient engagement and health outcomes through enhanced communication. Healthcare information is available to patients in an easy-to-read and listen to format that is accessible regardless of patient’s age, vision, language proficiency, or reading ability.

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Key Benefits

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Improve patient outcomes

SpeechMED ensures patient better understand their care plans and medication adherence

Enhance patient satisfaction

We make information clear and understandable so that patients can make better informed decisions about their health, that leads to building trust and better patient satisfaction

Reduce health disparities

SpeechMED contributes to health equity by making healthcare information more accessible to diverse populations

Reduce cost

Patient adherence + better communication = reduced medical errors, avoidable hospital readmissions, and penalties

About Us

We started in the hospitality industry with the first voice and language digital talking menu, then moved over to zoo tours. During this time, the mother-in-law of CEO and founder Susan Perry, Giselle, went to the hospital for a minor condition. Giselle spoke 5 languages, French being her primary language, but she didn’t read English very well. Upon discharge, her instructions were to stop taking two medicine and take two new hypertension and anti-coagulant meds. Misunderstanding, she ended up taking all four medicine and overdosed, leading to 16 weeks in intensive care, almost a $1M in bills to the government, and eventually her death.
Something that we think about every day, “How are patients supposed to follow instructions that they don’t understand?” We created SpeechMED to solve the $700 billion health literacy problem that marginalizes the elderly, minorities, and people with limited english skills.



We conducted a clinical trial at Baptist Hospital Neuroscience Institute in Miami. Some of the results:

There was a significant improvement from self-efficacy to manage medication and treatment.

The patients found the software easy to use and liked the digital discharge instructions as opposed to paper.

Patients liked receiving notifications and medication reminders.

No one who went home with SpeechMED fell at home because we had educational fall prevention videos for subjects to watch. Subjects in the control group experienced falls.

There were no hospital readmittance during the course of the study.

Patients who went home with SpeechMED showed increased baseline improvement as time went by.

SpeechMED Solo app Demo

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