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How are people supposed
to follow instructions they
don’t understand?


While there are many monitoring products and patient engagement portals in the market, they all seem to ignore the need for audio and language customization.

They do not seem to address the fact that patients are a diverse group of people that include elderly, disabled, foreign language readers and people with low literacy. Health literacy in the United States is a widespread problem that affects more than 1/3 of the adult population. 

In fact, 130 million adults in the US cannot read well enough to understand basic health information (White 2008).  Health literacy is even worse in the older adult population especially if they are suffering with various states of Dementia or Alzheimer’s. If the patient or their caregiver is unable to understand healthcare instructions and medication information, it’s likely that dire mistakes will be made that affect the patient’s health and well-being.


People with limited health literacy skills
are more likely to have chronic conditions and
are less able to manage them effectively


81% of patients age 60 and older at a public hospital could not read or understand basic material


1 in 5 people go home to a family that speaks a language other than English


SpeechMED™️, removes obstacles to clear communications by empowering patients and their caregivers to hear their medical instructions in the language that they understand.


SpeechMED™, educates the patient and provides care instructions, medication reminders, and helps them understand and coordinate their care.


Patients can hear spoken instructions and use an interface that is simple, easy and specifically designed for them.


Speaks to the patient in the language that they or their family member understands, regardless of their language preference, age, vision or how well they can read. In multigenerational households, each family member can select the language that they feel most comfortable with.

 SpeechMED™ Superpowers

Coordinate Caregiving

SpeechMED™ can help working caregivers and family members better manage their responsibilities by allowing them to monitor medication compliance, appointments and doctor's notes from their cell phones.

Audio Health Reminders

Our product is focused on removing obstacles to clear communication from our healthcare customers to patients by allowing them to hear their vital medical information in the language that they understand.

Eliminate Language Barriers

Our solution is specifically designed for seniors, the visually impaired and patients who do not read English well.

Simple User Experience

We designed our UI with the elder and visually impaired in mind. Our application has 4 easy to navigate buttons during each interface to keep the user engaged and on track.


of all workers in the USA are caring for a family member or friend


of caregivers report making work accommodations because of caregiving. These adjustments include arriving late/leaving early or taking time off, cutting back on work hours, changing jobs or stopping work entirely.

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