For Providers: 

  • Increased likelihood of compliance because patients and their caregivers receive instructions in their native language as well as from the physician.
  • SpeechMED™ Solo acts as a memory device for both patients and caregivers, with prompts and reminders for medicine, appointments and other related instructions.
  • Reduces likelihood of medical mishaps because physician/patient relationship does not stop at the office door.
  • Monitor patient compliance.
  • The “leave a message” application on the unit enables Physicians or their assistants to leave detailed verbal instructions for the patient to review.
  • Innovative new method for post-discharge communication with patients decreases the probability of avoidable hospital readmission.
  • Physicians can sign in from anywhere to input instructions.
  • Enhanced community recognition for increased quality of care resulting from the use of SpeechMED™.
  • For rural outreach and other special-interest care groups, SpeechMED™ provides an inexpensive link to professional healthcare when traditional insurance and government programs are not in place.
  • Improves patient’s compliance of medication and treatment scheduling.
  • Physician recommended diet and exercise regimen.
  • Physician can upload care explainer videos from a personalized video library.

Meet Our Patient Rosa Lopez

Rosa is being treated for CHF.

How It Works

The medical professional enters in Rosa as a new patient into the ADMIN PORTAL. When Rosa is discharged all of her medical information, medications, discharge instructions, educational videos, appointments, and contacts are added to the system.

Rosa’s health information syncs from the Admin Portal to the SPEECHMED APP.

Rosa’s health information also syncs to her PATIENT PORTAL from the admin portal.

ROSA receives medication reminders and other vital medical information, read aloud from the SPEECHMED APP, in her native language of Spanish.

ROSA adds and updates personal, medical, and appointment information to her PATIENT PORTAL when she goes to visit her other doctors after her hospital stay.

The CAREGIVER APP is a “read-only” view of Rosa’s health information that syncs from the patient portal. SANDRA, Rosa’s caregiver, makes sure Rosa is staying on track with her healthcare by viewing her medical information in her native language of English.

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