SpeechMED™ Solo Patient care authoring system 

To create spoken patient instructions for a variety of applications, data is composed online in our patient portal.

There is no limit on the extent of content that can be incorporated into the system.

SpeechMED™ Solo flexibility allows any information to uploaded in the system examples of the potential information is:

  1. Easily accessible emergency information that you can use for medical appointments including:
    1. A list of allergies and reactions 
    2. A list of current medications 
    3. A list of upcoming appointments 
    4. A patient profile that gives more detailed personal information about the patient including:
      1. A photo of the patient
      2. Name and address, marital status, important phone numbers, date of birth.
      3. Insurance information.
  2. General care instructions that could include needs like:  Needs assistance with bathing, eating, walking etc. And also personal instructions like:  “walk 15 minutes per day”.
  3. Diet: Individual details for a person’s diet and special care instructions.
  4. Medical history: Blood type, prior surgeries, and a chronic conditions list. 
  5. The emergency contact list that can include family and friend information as well as current important healthcare contacts including doctors, pharmacies, therapists and other providers.


    1. Help avoiding missed appointments, and medicine doses.  Our application is unique because an actual picture of the pill can be loaded on the tablet and pops up with the pill reminder, which helps to end confusion with generic medicine that may look different or in the case of someone who is taking multiple tablets.   
    2. There is an ability to hear and understand lifesaving messages in their own language. We live in a world of blended language families.  In addition, health caregivers may speak a language other than English. SpeechMED™ can change languages easily back and forth for blended families.
    3. Assurance that caregivers, regardless of native language, can understand instructions because the tablet can switch back and forth between two languages.
    4. Gives the ability to record audio notes and messages for patient, caregiver or health professional with our secure “Record a Message” feature.
    5. Stores important documents in one place. Documents can be uploaded to our secure cloud for easy access from the device. 
    6. Uploaded explainer videos in multiple languages. SpeechMED Solo  speaks in multiple languages for those that need it.   
    7. An emergency button for elders that allows them to call their top three contacts in order of importance automatically. 

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