SpeechMED™ is the only health literacy app that reads aloud personal medication information in your language.

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How are people supposed to
follow instructions that they
don’t understand?

90% of adults struggle to understand their health information because it is unfamiliar, complex, or they lack the English skills to follow simple directions, which leads to unnecessary hospital visits and even death.

Through the power of voice and language, SpeechMED makes medical communication and knowledge easier for the elderly, the visually impaired, and those that lack English proficiencies.

Powered by Voice

Read and hear vital medical information and app instructions.

Breaking the Language Barrier

Translate care instructions, allergies, medications, and other health information in multiple languages, perfect for users with vision and English proficiency issues.

Always be Prepared

Especially in the middle of a global pandemic, store important documents (Living will, emergency contacts, health records, COVID-19 vaccine card) in one easy-to-navigate portal.

Remember Everything

Receive notification for medicine doses, tracks compliance, and get reminders for upcoming medical appointments.

Contact Caregivers Quickly

Include family and friend information as well as current important healthcare contacts including doctors, pharmacies, therapists and other providers.

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Minimize Risk at Every Touchpoint


Increase compliance and reduce medical mishaps through the Admin Portal to add health information to the patient’s app and monitor their health.

Patients and Caregivers

Hear and understand life-saving messages in your own language through SpeechMED Solo app that ensures informed care anywhere.

Remote Caregivers

Access the companion SpeechMED Duo app to connect with loved ones and professional caregiving clients to keep an eye on patient health compliance


Access your COVID-19 vaccination card, emergency information that is vital to you, as well as help with managing your day to day health needs


Download on google play